Fairway Eyewear was born with the intention of making flexible, lightweight and comfortable glasses with optimal vision in all conditions. The world of golf, with its history and tradition, gave us the opportunity to look for more opportunities for innovation.     


Our first pair of sunglasses, The Hawk, put us on the path to redefining the standard of what golf goggles should be and at the same time establishing the basis for making goggles for all types of audiences and styles. We created a design and development team that has doubled our product offering.

Our Lifestyle collection is the result of this creative effort. We continue to design products to try to achieve new things, such as winning tournaments on the best tours in the world, but our most important challenge is to make sure those same products reach everyone. 

Golf professionals, new amateurs or just people who want to see the world through a different lens, are our goal. You can be sure that we also design sunglasses for you.